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New Radiators

New radiators. Radiator recores and repairs. Plastic tank replacement.

Radiator Repairs

Radiator repairs. New radiators and recores. Plastic tank replacement.

Other Services

Anti-freeze is just as important as oil. We also provide fuel tank repairs.

Our Business

Thank you for visiting Timaru Radiator Repairs, Timaru's automotive cooling specialist. Timaru Radiators is a family business with over 20 years experience in radiators and cooling systems. Timaru Radiators has one of the largest parts inventory available in this region. That's why in most cases, we can have the job done more quickly than you might expect! We offer great prices on top-of-the-line radiators available at low prices as well as a broad selection of other cooling system parts in stock.

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Our History

Timaru Radiator Repairs have been in Timaru since 1953, we have had a long successful history. I purchased this business in 1990 with 35 years of experience and having a trade behind me.

Old Stafford St