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New Radiators

New radiators. Radiator recores and repairs. Plastic tank replacement.

Radiator Repairs

Radiator repairs. New radiators and recores. Plastic tank replacement.

Other Services

Anti-freeze is just as important as oil. We also provide fuel tank repairs.

Welcome to Timaru Radiator Repairs!

Timaru Radiator Repairs Ltd was established in 1953 servicing the greater Timaru region. Today we have the largest stocks of new radiators in Timaru. We specialise in all types of radiator repairs and servicing. Our workshop can take care of your cooling system needs.

About Us

Timaru Radiator Repairs strives to provide the highest quality products and guaranteed workmanship. Our radiator workshop professionals will clean, flush and overhaul radiators on all cars, trucks and industrial equipment.

Specialists In Radiator Recores, Repairs, Plastic Tank Replacements, New Radiators, Heaters, Cleanouts, Power Flushing, Petrol Tank Repairs and Custom Radiators.
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Our Hours:

Not including public holidays.

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: By Appointment

Night Drop Available*

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12 Woollcombe St,
Timaru, 7910.
Telephone: 03 684 5233;