What should I do with an overheating engine?

An overheating engine should never be ignored – it’s a serious sign something is very wrong. To save your engine, pull over as soon as you notice steam or smoke. Wait for the car to cool and check antifreeze levels – only when the car is cool. Twist off the radiator cap and top up with antifreeze, or water in a pinch.

It seems inconsequential, but simple steps can mitigate expensive repairs in the future.

If you find a higher temperature than normal in your car, bring it straight to the team at Timaru Radiators. Our services include leak diagnosis and all manner of cooling system repairs. Get in contact with your Timaru radiator expert today!

How often should I flush my coolant to prevent an overheating engine?

Waiting for your temperature gauge to indicate an overheating engine can lead to a catastrophic outcome – preventative maintenance really is key. At Timaru Radiators, we can quickly diagnose the state of your radiator coolant. Having the well-trained Timaru Radiators team test your coolant really is the best idea. With more than 30 years in the radiator servicing industry, we recommend taking your radiator to us for a coolant change every 50,000km or 5 years, whichever comes sooner.

Do you do more than Radiators?

Rust lining for fuel tanks is a new service offered at Timaru Radiators. Rust in tanks can be filtered, but upon entering fuel lines the sediment build-up will cause erratic stalling, failures to start and fuel line deterioration.

We can now fix your tanks with the longest-lasting and highest performing rust clean solutions on the market. Our superior coating service is impervious to corrosion with a far higher resistance to moisture, making it the best choice to fix your tanks.

Radiator repair and automotive cooling system service

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