Radiator Hose and Radiator Leak Repair in Timaru and South Canterbury

Are you finding coolant where it shouldn’t be? If so, you likely have a radiator leak on your hands. Common causes include a damaged radiator hose, poor fitting of radiator hose clamps or broken connector couplings. These are major contributors to leaks, breakdowns, and engine overheating. When left to deteriorate, the repairs can be a significant expense. Fortunately, regular check-ups and preventative maintenance is an inexpensive and affordable process.

An expert from Timaru Radiators is able to quickly diagnose the cause of your radiator leak and provide a fix to last. With access to the ADRAD nationwide network, Timaru Radiators stocks a wide range of radiators, flexible radiator hose, radiator hose clamps and parts for every cooling application.

Call with confidence. Since 1953, Timaru Radiators has been established as the premier radiator leak repairer for Timaru and South Canterbury. With time-honed skill, we can do more than just finding and fixing your leaks. Routine checks, supply, and design of radiator hose and cooling systems – when it comes to radiators, nothing is outside our scope. In addition, the Timaru Radiators inventory is the most well-stocked in Canterbury.

Radiator repair and automotive cooling system service

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