Radiator Recore

An aluminium radiator core is commonly mistaken as “the radiator”, but there’s actually more to it. Radiator fluid passes through the core. This extracts heat out of the coolant and transfers it to the airstream, keeping temperatures low by dispersing heat through the surface area that core fins provide. When pressure is too high, radiator valves release coolant into the overflow tank. For a cooling system to operate with optimum performance, all of these components need to be checked, serviced and sometimes replaced. A radiator recore is no exception.

The radiator core is at the ‘core’ of your cooling system! When the core is worn, damaged or unsatisfactory to your needs, take it to the team at Timaru Radiators for radiator recore servicing. Cores to fit all radiator sizes are available from modern aluminium radiator core needs, or on vintage copper radiator types for a superior cooling alternative.

A radiator recore brings an auto radiator up to or as close as possible to its original operating condition by using restored existing parts in combination with new, rebuilt or unimpaired radiator fittings. It always requires the installation of a new radiator core.

Radiator repair and automotive cooling system service

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