Tank Replacement, Thermostatic Valve and Radiator Repair

In cases where strenuous use or cost prohibits a replacement, a radiator needs to be repaired. At Timaru Radiators, we have over 30 years of experience in radiator and auto ac repair.

Modern radiators use plastic components that can crack as it expands and contracts in heat. Our radiator repair services team are able to replace the tank and gaskets with a readily available new part. When undertaking vintage auto repair, fitment of a restored part is also a possibility for radiator crack repair.

If there is a significant collection of debris inside the radiator, a rod-out repair is a good medium between a coolant system flush and complete replacement. After internal and external cleaning and pressure testing, a rod is used to clean each tube of debris.

A thermostatic valve is an element of many radiators that needs to function for optimum performance. Your engine has specific ideal operating temperatures, maintained through a thermostatic radiator valve. It controls the flow of coolant throughout the cooling system to reach and maintain a level of heat.

If the radiator no longer works correctly, pressure on the thermostat can lead to valve failure. The consequences can vary based on position – completely blocking coolant leads to immediate overheating, whereas an engine can never reach operating temperature with an open flow, impacting gas mileage.

These are just a few of the preventative and restorative radiator repair services offered at the Timaru Radiators repair shop. While malfunctioning parts can be a serious concern, pre-emptive servicing will reduce the risk of more costly repairs down the track.

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Radiator repair and automotive cooling system service

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